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Say goodbye to downloading, writing, scanning then emailing you 8 count sheets the old fashion way!

With 8countsheets.com you will never have to print or scan 8 count sheets ever again!

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Music Producers

  • Color coded routine sections.
  • Easy to read count sheet text.
  • Optional music selection & voice over requests sections.
  • Link your custom 8countsheets.com site to your website.

Choreographers /Companies

  • Track & save all your choreographed routines.
  • Cheer & Dance rules & scoring pop up window.
  • Your 8count sheets can be emailed directly to your clients.

Gym Owners & Coaches

  • Save all your teams routines in one place.
  • Rules & Scoring pop up window.
  • Share your 8 Count Sheets with your Music Producer.

8 Count Sheets Features

  • Your company's own custom branded 8countsheets.com site.
  • Simple, easy to use mobile-friendly interface.
  • Access your custom 8countsheets.com site on desktops, laptops, tablets, and your smartphone.
  • Know the maximum allowed # of 8 counts in a routine based on music speed.
  • Add & remove 8 counts.
  • Color coded pre-labeled routine sections for better visualization.
  • Optional slide menu to quickly select commonly used SFX directly to your 8 count sheets.
  • Rules and Rubrics pop up window for the latest Cheer & Dance information.
  • 8 count sheets are directly emailed to you via color-coded PDF or email a copy to anyone you wish.
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